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As of January 2014, formal applications are closed.



Apps are processed roughly once a week (often on Tuesdays or Wednesdays).

Please check the taken list along with the reserves page before applying.
  • If you are uncomfortable leaving your personal contact information out in the open, please omit the personal journal and/or contact fields. (We still require a name.)

    We take no responsibility for the inability to reach you regarding your application if you choose to omit contact information. Please also note that you will still be required to leave some form of contact (whether it be via PMs or a public post where people may reach you via comments) here upon acceptance. The members contact information post is locked.

  • Sponsorships are an IC choice. They are first come, first serve, but characters are granted the ability to read through the sponsorships and choose one they think best suits their personality. If the one the character would choose (the one the mun lists on the application) is turned down, then they're assigned by NPCs. (In that case, your character is free to have an in-game reaction to not being awarded the sponsorship they asked for as it is considered an IC decision.)

    If the mun feels like their character would choose a sponsorship that's ill-fitting, then the NPCs will dutifully place the character in one that's right for them--so please let us know if that is ever the case.

  • Players must wait one week from their last character's acceptance or drop to be eligible to apply a new character. There is no formal minimum waiting period for resubmission of a rejected application; however, after three rejected applications for a given character, we will not review further applications for that character from the same mun.

  • Comments to this post are un-screened. Applications to characters previously dropped and/or rejected will be screened.
    • Applications for characters applied prior to January 2012 are public on Livejournal.
  • For the 'Entry Position' question, please select whether you wish to have your character enter the game as a cadet, SeeD, instructor or other. If you choose to have your character enter as a SeeD or Instructor, your character will have entered Garden at least a year prior to their game introduction so that their education will not have to be played out and instead will be handwaved; Instructors have an additional trimester after their graduation in which they earn their Instructor's license. In this case, we ask the applicant to include their specialization (including weapon or strand of magic if a weapons or para-magic specialist) and a brief synopsis (a paragraph or so) summarizing the past time in Garden. If 'other' is chosen, please elaborate.
    • For those who wish to apply an instructor, you are free to choose which classes you wish for them to teach by choosing a course that does not have a designated instructor on the class list. You may also create a new class which is not already covered on the class list and is not limited to people with particular powers; if so, you will have to supply a twelve week syllabus with your application.
    • Instructors are limited to teaching two different courses, and each course will have two instructors; one who teaches the M/W/F classes, and another who teaches the T/Th classes. This is to ensure that should one instructor be sent out on a mission, another will be available to cover those classes.
    • In addition to choosing 'instructor' in the entry position question of the application, please include the classes and days you wish for your character to teach as well.
  • For samples on your application, you're offered a choice out of four options. You are only required to fulfill two of the four.
    • IC Questionnaire
      • The questionnaire is considered one of the last steps of IC admittance to the Garden and is part of their "final interview". As such you can assume the questions are being asked face-to-face, and not in a written format.

    • Prose sample
      • Free choice, or 'Your character really wants (something), but for whatever reason can't get it.', or 'Your character has just had Time Compression and their options explained to them. Show us how they decide whether to enroll at Garden as a Cadet, work for Garden, or go out into the world.'

    • Bracket/Commentspam RP sample
      • Free choice, or 'Your character has a secret that is rising to the surface.'

    • Thread link
      • A link to a thread you've done in the past with the character you're applying for. The thread has to be at least ten comments long and appropriately display your character's voice and writing style.

[community profile] witchesreign does not have application cycles, but we do have an application processing schedule.
  • Any currently pending application will be reviewed starting Tuesday or Wednesday and a response will be given over the course of the week.

  • Any application submitted on or after 12:00 AM (EST) Saturday will be processed the following week.

  • Applicants are free to submit their applications at any time, but are urged to take notice of the possible 7-day wait should they submit an application on a Saturday.

Canon character application

Original/AU character application

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Organizations are extracurricular groups that cadets, SeeDs, and staff may form and join. Meeting times will be designated by the head of the organization. Currently, many organizations are headed by NPCs, so members should watch for BBS bulletins pertaining to the organization for information.

As far as attaining the head position, it's possible for player characters to assume authority over a club after a while. Mods will be happy to hand club/committees over from NPC leadership after a period of time in-game. Subject-related organizations (eg. any Bladed Weapons or Para-Magic organizations) should be headed by a SeeD or at least have a SeeD as a consultant, in the interests of safety and providing mentoring and support for cadets and skill building for SeeDs.

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