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application post

As of January 2014, formal applications are closed.


Apps are processed roughly once a week (often on Tuesdays or Wednesdays).

Please check the taken list along with the reserves page before applying.
  • If you are uncomfortable leaving your personal contact information out in the open, please omit the personal journal and/or contact fields. (We still require a name.)

    We take no responsibility for the inability to reach you regarding your application if you choose to omit contact information. Please also note that you will still be required to leave some form of contact (whether it be via PMs or a public post where people may reach you via comments) here upon acceptance. The members contact information post is locked.

  • Sponsorships are an IC choice. They are first come, first serve, but characters are granted the ability to read through the sponsorships and choose one they think best suits their personality. If the one the character would choose (the one the mun lists on the application) is turned down, then they're assigned by NPCs. (In that case, your character is free to have an in-game reaction to not being awarded the sponsorship they asked for as it is considered an IC decision.)

    If the mun feels like their character would choose a sponsorship that's ill-fitting, then the NPCs will dutifully place the character in one that's right for them--so please let us know if that is ever the case.

  • Players must wait one week from their last character's acceptance or drop to be eligible to apply a new character. There is no formal minimum waiting period for resubmission of a rejected application; however, after three rejected applications for a given character, we will not review further applications for that character from the same mun.

  • Comments to this post are un-screened. Applications to characters previously dropped and/or rejected will be screened.
    • Applications for characters applied prior to January 2012 are public on Livejournal.
  • For the 'Entry Position' question, please select whether you wish to have your character enter the game as a cadet, SeeD, instructor or other. If you choose to have your character enter as a SeeD or Instructor, your character will have entered Garden at least a year prior to their game introduction so that their education will not have to be played out and instead will be handwaved; Instructors have an additional trimester after their graduation in which they earn their Instructor's license. In this case, we ask the applicant to include their specialization (including weapon or strand of magic if a weapons or para-magic specialist) and a brief synopsis (a paragraph or so) summarizing the past time in Garden. If 'other' is chosen, please elaborate.
    • For those who wish to apply an instructor, you are free to choose which classes you wish for them to teach by choosing a course that does not have a designated instructor on the class list. You may also create a new class which is not already covered on the class list and is not limited to people with particular powers; if so, you will have to supply a twelve week syllabus with your application.
    • Instructors are limited to teaching two different courses, and each course will have two instructors; one who teaches the M/W/F classes, and another who teaches the T/Th classes. This is to ensure that should one instructor be sent out on a mission, another will be available to cover those classes.
    • In addition to choosing 'instructor' in the entry position question of the application, please include the classes and days you wish for your character to teach as well.
  • For samples on your application, you're offered a choice out of four options. You are only required to fulfill two of the four.
    • IC Questionnaire
      • The questionnaire is considered one of the last steps of IC admittance to the Garden and is part of their "final interview". As such you can assume the questions are being asked face-to-face, and not in a written format.

    • Prose sample
      • Free choice, or 'Your character really wants (something), but for whatever reason can't get it.', or 'Your character has just had Time Compression and their options explained to them. Show us how they decide whether to enroll at Garden as a Cadet, work for Garden, or go out into the world.'

    • Bracket/Commentspam RP sample
      • Free choice, or 'Your character has a secret that is rising to the surface.'

    • Thread link
      • A link to a thread you've done in the past with the character you're applying for. The thread has to be at least ten comments long and appropriately display your character's voice and writing style.

[community profile] witchesreign does not have application cycles, but we do have an application processing schedule.
  • Any currently pending application will be reviewed starting Tuesday or Wednesday and a response will be given over the course of the week.

  • Any application submitted on or after 12:00 AM (EST) Saturday will be processed the following week.

  • Applicants are free to submit their applications at any time, but are urged to take notice of the possible 7-day wait should they submit an application on a Saturday.

Canon character application

Original/AU character application

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Edward Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) | Reserved

[personal profile] blitzente 2012-02-24 12:10 am (UTC)(link)
Name: skarme
Journal: [personal profile] blitzente
Contact: tsukaiblitzente[at]gmail.com (email), tsukaiblitzente (AIM)

Character Name: Edward Elric
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (the first anime)
Gender: Male
Age & Canon Point: 16, during the last episode; he ends up here after reviving Al instead of Weimar Germany, losing his arm and leg again along the way.
Requested Sponsor: Carbuncle
Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Cadet
History: No previous RP history. Wiki links here and here.
Abilities & Physical Abnormalities:
Firstly and most obviously, Ed is a talented alchemist. If he knows the composition of a material (and he probably does), he can reshape or otherwise change it pretty much however he wants, by drawing an appropriate transmutation circle around it or even just clapping his hands together. He specialises in metals but isn't at all restricted to them. The main limiting factor on alchemy is the Principle of Equivalent Exchange - you can't create matter out of nowhere. Also, performing alchemy on human bodies / other animals is not a great idea.
Secondly and nearly as obviously, his right arm and left leg are prosthetic. Specifically, they're advanced metal prosthetics called automail. They're cool, but they have downsides: they're heavier than regular limbs, he has no tactile sensation in them, they make him especially vulnerable to changes in environmental temperature, and he doesn't have the expertise to repair them by himself if/when they break (though he can do maintenance work like oiling them).
Thirdly, he has martial arts training. He's a decent fist fighter with or without alchemy and has used polearms and hammers on occasion, but his favourite weapon is the cover of his automail arm, transmuted into a blade.
Finally, he can twist absolutely anything into a slur on his height. He's about 5'2", for the record.

Going by first impressions, you might consider Ed an arrogant brat with an impulsive streak and a hair-trigger temper. He's brash, cynical, stuck up, prone to violent outbursts (doubly so when his little brother isn't around to hold him back) and shamelessly rude to very nearly everyone, including his supposed superiors. He defies part of the stereotype by actually being ridiculously clever - he managed to get himself hired by the military at the age of twelve - but that mostly just makes him more insufferable, except when he undermines that intelligence by failing to think ahead. So you'd be correct - but at the same time, he's a damaged young man who's been tossed around by the universe for much of his life, and a nicer person than you might expect of him after what he's been through.

It helps to know a little backstory here. He and his brother are practically orphans, since their father left home when they were both young and their mother died some years later. Since he was the older of the two, it fell to Ed to grow up first, and fast - faster than would normally be healthy. This naturally led to some... errors of judgement, but it also cemented the sense of responsibility and obligation which would become his defining trait. When Ed decides he's going to do something, come hell or high water he will do it; if things don't turn out well, they are his mess to clean up, and nobody else's. His determination gets him into more trouble than it gets him out of, but that's never stopped him.

In fact, the only thing that can sometimes cause said determination to waver stems from the same sense of obligation: Ed is much more altruistic than he'd like to think. If he meets someone he thinks he can help out, he might gripe about it or rationalise it away as something like "teaching them to walk on their own feet", but he'll do it more often than not. On the other hand, failing to help people is something he finds difficult to forgive, regardless of extenuating circumstances - and that definitely goes for his own failures as well. If you catch him in one of his infrequent introspective moods, he might even talk about them.

Ultimately, the basis of Ed's philosophy is the same as that of his alchemy - the Principle of Equivalent Exchange mentioned above. To obtain anything, you must sacrifice something of equal value; conversely, whoever sacrifices something will obtain something in return, even if they didn't expect it or notice at first. Applied to a way of life, that means never shirking your own responsibilities and earning your own happiness. Having grown up and witnessed the imperfection of the world around him, Ed no longer believes that equivalent exchange is an absolute law, but he still feels like the world would be a better place if it was, so he tries to live up to it.

In summary: beneath an annoying exterior and a thick layer of angst, he's a surprisingly kind-hearted person who only needs a little cajoling to properly show it. Just avoid the word "short". And "small". And "pipsqueak", and "chibi", and "beansprout", and "speck of dust", and...

What are your plans for the character in-game?
To explore what was maybe glossed over a little bit in the movie: how does someone like Ed, driven by and confident in his own worldview, adjust to a setting that doesn't follow the rules he's used to? Initially he'll just want to get home, but given enough time to bounce his personality off other characters, that might change. Plus, he'll have to get used to all the modern technology, which could be entertaining.

Anything else?
There's no good reason for him to have his automail arm and leg with him at this point in canon, much less attached to him, but I'd like to handwave them as being there anyway. Um, if that's allowed. :D;

i) IC Questionnaire

What do you prefer to be known as? Edward is fine.
How old are you? Sixteen - what? What's that look for? It's true! What, are you trying to call me so tiny I could pass for a baby? Do you want me to show you who the real babies are around here?!

Do you have any history in combat? Oh, I'll give you combat, you little -
If so, have you ever killed? [The question abruptly cools him down mid-rant.] ...Yeah, I have. As a dog of the military.

i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity? I'm all for immediate and rapid!

ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities? Leisure? This is an academy, right? Do you really care about what I do when I'm not working? [Besides, it's not like he intends to hang around long enough for it to matter.]

iii) What role do you take when working in a group? Any. Hell, all of them if it means they don't get in my way.

iv) How talkative are you around other people? I'm talking to you right now. You work it out.

v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning. I guess "a boat and two oars" isn't the answer you're looking for. Well... a knife is pretty much all you need if there are plants and animals nearby. If nothing else can live there, you don't have a chance anyway. A knife to get food, and... some medicine for whatever the most likely disease is. The third thing, maybe, depending on climate... No, screw it, a boat and two oars.

vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people? Only if you like setting them up for disappointment.

vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance? Depends what you're willing to risk. ...I wouldn't. I'm not that stupid.

viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person? Never heard that one before. Next question?

ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life? I make plans! I just plan as much as I need to.

x) Do you like surprises? They're gonna happen whether I like them or not.

xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you? Dammit, I'm still growing! Just ask my mechanic! Still! Growing!!

xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions? Heh, you obviously haven't met them.

xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages? Uhh - about as strongly as they feel about me? [Finally!]

iii) Bracket/Commentspam RP sample.

[Ed likes libraries. At least, he thought he did before walking into this one. It's only now that he realises his love for them was sadly conditional - specifically, on the condition that they contain at least one damn thing he wants to read. It doesn't help that he's not completely sure what he does want to read, other than knowing it's either extremely well-disguised or not here. The only thing he's found so far that even mentions gates was some junk filed under Engineering, and that was a good ten books on the floor ago. He's going to run out of leg room soon...]

They call this a library? The hell is wrong with them?!

[...if he doesn't get kicked out for disrupting other people first.

He drops another textbook onto his growing pile of rejects.]

Ugh, I'm sick of this. Al! Hey, Al! Let's go look for some other libr-

[He stops. If he's embarrassed at having just talked to himself in the middle of a quiet library, it's overshadowed by the venom with which he resumes laying waste to the shelf in front of him. As long as nobody intervenes, it looks like he'll be there for a while.]
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Rainbow Dash | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Not Reserved

[personal profile] elementofloyalty 2012-03-03 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
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Applejack [AU]

[personal profile] spudjuice 2012-04-08 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Kiwi
Journal: [personal profile] spudjuice
Contact: snailyjayne on AIM

OC or AU: AU
Character Name: Applejack
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Gender: Female
Age: No canon age. Played as 18.
Requested Sponsor: Pearl
Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Cadet [numerous classes already taken at Balamb and Galbadia - she will be on her last quarter]
Appearance: Well, her appearance is definitely changing, considering that OU Applejack is a bright orange pony! Applejack is of average (5'3"ish) height, with long blonde hair, green eyes and very noticeable freckles. Because of an active lifestyle even before entering Garden, Applejack is well built and is quite muscular, particularly in her legs.
History: Applejack is from a town not far North from Timber, with Timber being the nearest city (approximately an hour's car journey away). Her family owns the "Sweetapple Acres" apple orchards found across the continent, from which they supply apples and apple-related products. Shortly after Applejack's sister was born, however, Applejack's parents were arrested in Timber for their involvement in "rebel activity" (Applejack maintains that they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time), and imprisoned in the D-District Prison.

As a result, the Sweetapple Acres' name was ruined amongst Galbadian customers, with the owners seen as traitors. All of the orchards ended up losing money, being unable to pay their staff, and ultimately going under and having to sell their land to rivals. The only remaining Sweetapple orchard is Applejack's home, and for a while (being unable to pay for additional staff), it was only she and her older brother working there.

With only two people unable to take the strain (particularly as Applejack was only fourteen at the time, and really too young to handle the hours and the amount of work), and with the rest of the family struggling, much of Applejack's family returned to the original orchard to help. While the family tries to re-establish themselves as reputable apple suppliers, however, they had decided to invest in some of the younger relatives' futures. The resulting decision was for some to be sent on apprenticeships and, in Applejack's case, to Garden.

Applejack has been studying in Galbadia Garden for a few years, now, but after some time she decided that a job in the Galbadian Military was not for her. Instead, influenced somewhat by her business mindset, she decided that SeeD - with its lack of political affiliation and its "work for hire" approach - would be a more favourable option. As a result, she opted to transfer.

Unfortunately, at some point, Time Compression caused her to skip a few months.
Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Applejack is what most people would call "normal," though she is athletic and quite strong (her kicks, in particular). She is quite skilled with a lasso, though this seems to be largely to show off and put on a show more than for any practical uses.
Personality: Applejack - sometimes called AJ by her friends - is a down-to-earth and straight forward lass. She is honest, hard-working, open, and usually a reasonable and pleasant person. She frequently takes on the role of "Team Mom," making sure that everyone is doing okay, reassuring them, and helping them with solutions when there's a problem. Despite usually speaking her mind, she's often patient when people are genuinely struggling - if one person can't keep up the pace, she'll slow herself down to help out, even if it means taking the longer route with them.

Her family is especially important to her, particularly her brother, sister and her granny. She will make every attempt to drum up sales, even though she's no longer working on the orchard, to help them pay for all the things they need - new tools, a hip replacement, house repairs, and everything. While at Garden, she will likely try to drum up some kind of sales and advertising for her family's business, even though such a thing is likely inadvisable. A good chunk of any money Applejack earns would go towards her family and their needs.

Her customer service skills are pretty decent. Because of her calm and down-to-earth manner, she is helpful and not at all pushy (pushy salespeople, in fact, do get on her nerves, and she has lectured her little sister on the subject).

Applejack is very fair, and would like other people to play fair too. She enjoys a good bit of competition - she never backs down from a challenge - but she does lose her patience with cheaters and those who aren't particularly sporting about things. If aggravated, she might well react to cheaters by cheating right back against them, though she will play it fair until she knows they're cheating for a fact.

Her attention to detail isn't fantastic, and she can't bear people obsessing over details and appearances. Fashion is not something she has any interest in, and she doesn't understand why people obsess over everything being neat and tidy all the time.

AJ's worst flaw is that, while she is very dependable (which she knows, and takes pride in), she is incredibly stubborn and independent to the point where it gets ridiculous. When she gives her word, she'll do her best to keep it, but damn it guys - she's gonna do it on her own! She works so hard she wears herself down, and has been known to go several days without sleeping just to get a promised job done, while at the same time living up to all the promises she's made to friends and family. It takes an extreme situation for her to admit when she needs help.
What are your plans for the character in-game? Kick stuff and sell apples!
Anything else? Applejack has a dog, called Winona. Winona's a working dog, originally trained for herding. She couldn't take Winona to Galbadia Garden, but would like to bring her to Balamb to keep up with training her and probably have her aid in battle.

Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.
What do you prefer to be known as? Just Applejack'd do nicely! That's my name and all, might as well put it to good use.
How old are you? Right now? I'm eighteen.

Do you have any history in combat? Kinda. With the whole Garden thing an' all. It's all training and monsters and stuff, nothin' like a proper battle or nothin', but it still counts, right?
If so, have you ever killed? Well, just monsters right now, but the whole idea of killin' people... now, that just don't sit right with me. I know, I know, it ain't like SeeD's gonna be giving me much choice, but I got a long ways to go before... aw, I don't even wanna be thinking about it right now!

i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity?
I guess I just get on with it, same as always! It's a job to do, right? Well then, I'm on it! You can always count on li'l ol' Applejack when you need a helping hand.

ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities?
We-ell, I reckon I do organise me a few events when they're called for. Can't think of nothin' recent though, I'd say I should get on that. It'd be a great, not-to-be-missed chance to get some samples out there.

iii) What role do you take when working in a group?
Suppose it kinda varies, don't it? . It all depends on how the group's working at the time, you know what I'm saying? Like, if say... we're up against a monster, you can bet anything I'll be right there! Front line, kicking that monster's behind right back to wherever the darn thing came from.

iv) How talkative are you around other people?
Plenty, I dare say. I'm never lost for words.

v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning.
Do I gotta answer this question? That's a hard choice! I'd say a boat and some rope. Third thing... apples, I guess. They're right good for you, you know - you should think more on where you get yours from! There's a proper, family-run orchard juuust outside of Timber, they'd be perfect for a proper, fancy institution like the one you got goin' here.

vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people?
Well, that's just good business sense, ain't it? You gotta get a wide range of customers, get your word spread out, build up a reputation... else you ain't got no sales 'cept for the little old lady buying what's nearest!

vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance?
Yeeup. No member of my family ever went down without a fight! I ain't changing that for nobody, no way, no how!

viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person?
I don't think so. No, I'd say I'm definitely not an impulsive one. You gotta think practical-like, even if it's takes you a while. No need to just charge in and do whatever first comes into that noggin of yours - that's just gonna get you straight into hot water.

ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life?
Well, you gotta have some sort of plan! Just waltzing into something, no idea what you're doing, that's just asking for trouble! It's when people get all hung up on details and start fussing about stupid things that ain't gonna have no impact on nothin', that's when the "fun" gets drained out! You know what I'm saying, right?

x) Do you like surprises?
Well, I'd say there's a fair few good surprises I'd sure be happy to get sprung on me! I sure wouldn't mind helping people arranging their surprises for a friend, neither.

xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you?
With me? ...no, I don't think so. I'm just fine as is.

xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions?
Not really, I don't think! If I did, that'll be in that report what Galbadia gave you, right?

xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages?
If it ain't apples, I ain't interested.

iii) Bracket/Commentspam RP sample

[Applejack is in the library, mathematics books laid out in front of her and pages full of her untidy scrawl as she takes on a typical "who needs maths?!" approach to mathematics. Considering she's eighteen already, you'd think she'd have worked this one out. She's clearly frustrated, hands tangled in her hair and growling and muttering to herself.]

What's the point of these fancy-schmancy mathematics, anyway? If you get more money than you spent in the first place, who even cares about al-ge-bra and geometry and triangle-whatsits and what-have-you? What a load of hooey! I'll just leave this all to Big Macintosh - now there's someone with a head for numbers!

[Not likely to get help from there, though, since Big Macintosh doesn't study at Garden - no, he's still working on the orchard. Oh well. Gnawing on the end of her pen, AJ leans back in her seat as she tries to think about the math problem. The developing headache from too much exposure to numbers, however, is really getting on her nerves.]

Still, guess I gotta do it. It don't matter if it's wrong, right? Long as I put the effort in...

C'mon ol' girl. You can do it, Applejack.

[Out of the corner of her eye, she watches someone else take a seat. She briefly ponders asking for a hand - after all, she hates maths - but no. She can do it. She doesn't need help from anyone! It's her own homework, anyway!]
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Starfire / Koriand'r || DC Comics || No Reserve

[personal profile] curiouseyes 2012-09-10 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
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Sharpay Evans | High School Musical | CANON UPDATE

[personal profile] pohutukaryl 2012-10-30 12:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Sharpay (original app) is being canon updated from the summer after High School Musical 3: Senior Year to shortly after Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. With this come a few personality changes!

Having finally been played and used herself, Sharpay is no longer willing to use people to feel better about herself, or to lose herself in feeding people's self esteem. Her own self esteem seems to have had a boost, noted by her boyfriend Peyton as her being a "hot pink whirlwind of and ambition", yet for the first time Sharpay was seen to succumb to stage fright, confessing she was scared within seconds of receiving a starring role on Broadway: It's everything she ever dreamed of, and now that it's reality instead of just a dream, it's a lot of pressure. However, when the time comes to premiere in this role, Sharpay pulls off the opening number flawlessly (and presumably the rest of the show, though it's not shown).

Even beyond not actively using them, she cares more about other people, believing "disappoint[ing] someone I care about" to be the worst thing she did in this film. To this end she is now more determined to keep her promises to her friends and loved ones, and (headcanon) tries to keep an eye on her own limits so that she doesn't take on too much and end up having to let someone down, as she's realized she doesn't enjoy it.

Sharpay also seems much more interested now in fighting fairly, ashamed of her having "sacrificed integrity for opportunity". She now has the grace to realize when she's fighting the wrong battles and team up with former rivals to "work against a common enemy", and her willingness to be "manipulative, but for a good cause" seems to be the one exception to her new refusal to use people (this manipulation is to expose another person's ill treatment of those around them).

Finally, Sharpay is more determined to keep an eye on what's important to her: "A fair fight. A lifetime in the spotlight." And now that she's gotten a taste of the spotlight, she'll be wanting to get back to it.
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[personal profile] laughafterme 2012-11-27 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
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Nathan "Nate" Drake | Uncharted (reserved)

[personal profile] pohutukaryl 2013-02-11 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Caryl
Journal: [personal profile] pohutukaryl
Contact: [plurk.com profile] starshone_storm; starshone.storm (AT) gmail.com

Character Name: Nathan "Nate" Drake
Series: Uncharted
Gender: Male
Age & Canon Point: Fifteen & Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, mid-chapter 3, while running away from Marlowe's agents and before being cornered
Entry position: Cadet
Requested Sponsor: Carbuncle
History: Uncharted Wiki! More deets (two separate links) on this particular canon point.

A bit of VIII world history to account for the "made your way to Balamb Garden": Upon finding himself in Balamb instead of Cartagena, Nate was both relieved that there was no longer anyone shooting at him, and a little disgruntled by having to learn to adapt to a new place. He blended in with some success until he was caught stealing food. The Balamb town council, trying to punish him, realized no one in town knew him, and Nate didn't know enough about the world for his story about being a tourist to hold up, so the council deduced that he was an off-worlder. Without a guardian around, Nate was sent to the recently returned Balamb Garden so that someone would take responsibility for him, with the proviso that he still complete his community service for the theft.

So, really, he didn't so much "made his way to Balamb Garden" as he was dragged there by the authorities.

Abilities & Physical Abnormalities:
He's pretty good at parkour, he's fluent in Spanish as well as English, and and he fluently reads Latin, but usually nothing superhuman.

His Limit Break is Nate's Super Moves in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (which probably isn't part of his canonical history and if it is, is way past this canon point):
  • Crisis level 1: Nate summons a propane tank from nowhere, throws it, and shoots it (did he not have a gun before? he has one now). BOOM.
  • Crisis level 2 and 3 (I'm merging the middle two levels because PSASBR had three levels of Super Moves; also his level 3 Super is overpowered): Nate summons a huge stone pillar from nowhere and pushes it over on top of whoever's in the way.
  • Crisis level 4: Nate summons the El Dorado sarcophagus from nowhere (are we sensing the theme of PSASBR), which releases a virus that afflicts the enemy party with the Zombie status and does significant physical damage to them. (This is an VIII-verse adaptation of what in PSASBR turns everyone into zombies which can then be one shotted. See what I mean about overpowered?)
    All these summoned objects disappear within a few moments.

    (As Nate is only shown at this age for a two chapter flashback, I'm backing some stuff up here with examples from later in canon, because you can see the seeds of some of his traits at this age.)

    At this canon point, Nate is living on the streets and has been for some time. This means that his first reaction to strangers or at least strange adults is A) caution, and B) distrust. He is not used to people showing him kindness, and tends to suspect them of ulterior motives and/or actually call them crazy for it; he also has to test his boundaries with people, as demonstrated when, with a free meal and soda in front of him, he only sarcastically thanks his benefactor and even makes a swipe for his beer.

    However, he's gotten from the US to Colombia on his own (note: I assume he's American given his accent when speaking English), which has probably at some point involved trusting and even being friendly to someone. (I really don't think he walked the whole way, especially at the US-Mexico border.) It's likely that these moments of trust have been on instinct, as he later comes to trust them in later life (though his instincts are by no means infallible, as Nate gets backstabbed by friends sadly often throughout the games). As an adult he's easygoing with his friends and willing to chat to strangers even in the face of a huge language barrier, and I headcanon that though his current caution is trained, extroversion comes more naturally to him - the third game's guide book lists his greatest fear as being left alone.

    Surviving on the streets is here and now and day to day, and Nate, like many street kids, has a chronic inability to think ahead. He follows whims without any thought for the consequences: Let's follow this random man, let's climb up the side of a building to watch him, let's investigate this thing I just stole while I'm at the scene of my crime. Later in canon, "I didn't think that far ahead" all but becomes one of his catchphrases and he never has a plan B, let alone a plan C. On the upside, he is adaptable and resourceful: His clothing may be dirty but they fit him fairly well, indicating Nate's figured out how to get hold of his basic needs, and he even has two bags, a journal, and a pencil. When he robbed someone and they threatened to call the cops, he was quick to turn the situation around, pointing out that "[the police] might wonder why a middle-aged tourist is following young boys down alleyways". Later in canon he canfight with anything he can get his hands on, be it a grenade launcher, a tank, or a fish.

    Investigating things in dangerous positions is also a part of his being curious to a fault. A lot of the whims Nate follows come down to wanting to know more about something, even if this distracts him from what he was trying to find out in the first place. He loves trying to figure out the meanings of the holes in history and learning new things about the past (as an adult he tells someone that "every time we find something that (...) proves there are things about the past [archaeologists] don't understand or never imagined, that makes me happy") and he's willing to ask questions and commit crimes to do so. If he's interested in something, he does his best to learn everything he can about it.

    His main historical interest is English explorer Sir Francis Drake. Nate is not actually his descendant as he claims, but he takes refuge in this identity, to the point of using his surname as his own (his real surname is never revealed; we can only assume that Nate is real) and stealing his ring, as a way to escape his own personal history. Even when it's pointed out to him that Sir Francis Drake doesn't have children, Nate is so desperate to hide in his identity that he's quick to handwave it by pointing out the explorer could have had illegitimate children or, later in canon, simply saying "history can be wrong". He dislikes talking about his own real history, closing up at mentions of his family and only hinting at having lived in an orphanage. Nate is so scared of admitting who he really is that even about ten years from this point, asking him about his family only gets posturing at being a ronin, and the only reason we know about his parents at all is because another character volunteers this information rather than Nate himself.

    A few things I couldn't fit elsewhere:
  • Nate tends to comment to himself on the ridiculousness of his situation: "And now they're shooting at me?!"
  • While his sarcasm at this point is generally him being a brat to someone he doesn't really know, he later shows a dry sense of humor that I'm willing to headcanon came out of this.
  • He enjoys outsmarting people (or at least thinking he has), grinning when he pulls the "young boys down alleyways" handwave and also when he sleight-of-hands Sir Francis's ring.
  • Despite living on the streets, Nate has likely avoided violence until this point: He's shocked when an agent chasing him falls off the roof to his death, and hesitates to shoot another who has him at gunpoint. As much as he knows he can get by on his own, he doesn't know if he's capable of violence, let alone deliberately killing someone.
  • His first response to physical obstacles tends to be climb it. When someone he's following enters a building, he doesn't try to break or sneak in, he climbs up the side of a neighboring building and onto that one. When men with guns start chasing him, he doesn't go to the street, he goes for the rooftops.

    What are your plans for the character in-game?
    With this ridiculous canon point, I'm keen to see how Nate develops without being basically adopted by Sully and becoming a treasure hunter. How well is this street kid going to adjust into education? Let's find out.

    Anything else?

    Nate folded his arms, staring sullenly out the window as the car left Balamb town. He couldn't believe he'd gotten caught after all these years. Maybe that old man was right - maybe he really did telegraph all his moves.

    More than that, he couldn't believe he was being sent to - he focused for a moment on what the councillorwho was driving him was chattering on about - a mercenary school instead of juvie. He certainly didn't mind not going to jail, but that didn't mean he wanted to be sent back to school, either. If he'd been a little more careful and spent some more time in the library figuring out this place out, he would have been fine on his own in Balamb. Besides, a mercenary school sounded messed up. They taught kids to do anything for pay here? He could end up like one of those guys in suits who were chasing him over the rooftops in Cartagena.

    He could still hear the scream of the one who'd fallen off the roof, obviously less used to heights than he was. That guy had died for a kid with a ring, on the orders of a crazy lady?

    "Yeah, that happens around here," the councillor said. "That's why we're driving you to Garden instead of making you walk."

    He flashed her a confused look, and she nodded to the window: Some distance from the road, there were two huge blue bug-things attacking a girl. Alright, maybe his face had reacted to the thought of the dead suit and the councillor'd thought it was about this.

    Then the girl held out a hand and one of the bugs suddenly caught fire. Nate jumped, as much as he could in a seatbelt.

    "Holy crap!"

    "Language," the councillor said mildly. "She must be a cadet or SeeD: Para-magic's a SeeD specialty. You'll learn all about that at Garden if you choose to enroll."

    "Magic..." Nate murmured, craning his head to watch the girl and the bugs as they drove away. That could be interesting - and useful, if he ever found himself shot at again.

    "And whether you study or work there, they'll give you free meals," the councillor added. "So you won't have to steal food any more."


    Mercenary school might be worth a try, then, at least for the food and info.

    What do you prefer to be known as? Nathan Drake. [Beat.] Nate.
    How old are you? What does it matter? ... Okay, fine, fifteen.

    Do you have any history in combat? Do you count people shooting at me?
    If so, have you ever killed? [a little urgently] No. [Look, that guy falling off the roof was totally an accident, okay?]

    i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity?
    [snort] Feels like every day.

    ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities?
    Uh, my 'leisure activities' don't take much 'organization', but sure, let's go with that.

    iii) What role do you take when working in a group?
    [half-glare] I don't work in groups: I do just fine on my own.

    iv) How talkative are you around other people?
    Just enough to get by. [Unless you get him started on Sir Francis Drake...]

    v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning.
    Food. Water. Shelter. I'd say those are three pretty important things wherever you are.

    vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people?
    Nah. As long as you can stay out of each other's ways, it doesn't really matter how much they like you.

    vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance?
    I wouldn't be here talking to you if I hadn't.

    viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person?
    ... I never really thought about it that way, but yeah, I guess so.

    ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life?
    No: It's not that it takes the fun out of life; it's that there's no point to planning ahead any further than your next meal. Everything can change on you in a second. Now is more important.

    x) Do you like surprises?
    Depends on the surprise.

    xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you?
    [almost a little too quickly] No. Next. Question.

    xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions?
    That depends on who my superiors are and what decisions they're making. Of course I'm gonna disagree with 'loitering' laws.

    xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages?
    They're gross, but I'll eat them if there's nothing else around.
  • elementofloyalty: (challenge accepted!)


    [personal profile] elementofloyalty 2013-02-17 04:35 pm (UTC)(link)
    Rainbow Dash is jumping ahead to the end of Season 3!

    The major canon events she'll have undergone are the marriage of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, the restoration of the Crystal Empire, the adoption of Scootaloo as her protege, attending the Wonderbolts Academy, the reformation of Discord, and Twilight's ascension to being an alicorn.

    Though still a daredevil speedster, she has demonstrated that she's willing to stand up for her principles -- to the point that she gave up on her dream of joining the Wonderbolts when it seemed that organization approved of recklessness that endangered others. She also demonstrated a heartwarming willingness to adopt a younger protege as a little sister, and a dedication to getting the Crystal Empire something she herself had lost when she was young. All in all, Rainbow Dash has matured a little, become a little more patient and a little more understanding... but just a little.

    Also she writes self-insert fanfiction now.
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    Fionna | Adventure Time

    [personal profile] fionna_time 2013-03-10 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Pedro D. Nunez
    Journal: N/A
    Contact: elpedrososama@gmail.com, elpedrososama on AIM, elpedrososama on plurk. I’m sorta lazy about my screen names as you can tell.


    Character Name: (Western order) Fionna

    Series: Adventure Time

    Gender: Female

    Age & Canon Point: I’m still saying fifteen (looks too young to be thirteen) and I’ll place her canon point after a recent adventure where she was saving Fire Prince. I’d be more specific, but the comic is monthly and not finished yet.

    Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Cadet

    Requested Sponsor (if a Cadet): Ideally I would say Carbunckle, but I’m thinking Fionna will gravitate towards Ruby.

    History: Link to Fionna on AT Wiki

    Garden History: (N/A)

    Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Despite being on the chubby side, Fionna does not think twice when it comes to danger, and nothing seems to really slow her down. Like her male counterpart Fionna is a very durable character, used to roughhousing, getting injured, and jumping into the fray of fighting when she is needed. She has (via comic) some experience in sword fighting, but is mostly all about using her mitts to take on her enemies.
    Also, she has a cool sword that also grants her wishes. It’s pretty cool.

    Personality: Fionna is a girl that likes to have fun. She’s spontaneous, energetic and assured in her actions, if a little foolhardy when it comes to showing restraint sometimes. She is usually motivated by a sense of righteousness, usually decided on a case by case basis and helped along by her sister Cake. If she could be said to have faults, they mostly lie in the fact that she tends to act before she thinks, preferring swift action to rational thought. That said, if something has to be righted Fionn will give er undivided attention.

    Fionna believes in independence, so anyone trying to oppress another will automatically be an enemy in her book. She cares about most creatures big and small, and if she sets out to do something, it will be to the best of her ability even if it might hurt her in the end. If there is anything that is the epitome of her strength, it’s the ability to succeed out of sheer will.

    Fionna believes in having fun! Adventures are a thing of life for her, and seeing new thing are what she honestly lives for. She prefers to seize life by the horns, so even being in a completely new place will not bother her too much so long as there are things that engage her.

    She is fiercely loyal. She loves her sister Cake, and hates to be left out of things she regularly attends with people she cares about. Fionna is a tomboy through and through, so she really gets into doing things that a normal girl would balk at. She is a carefree girl, and while she has a fundamental belief of right and wrong, she will at times do things that might be a little risky or dangerous just to prove that she can.

    It should pretty much go without saying that Fionna is about as far removed from a damsel in distress as you can get.

    What are your plans for the character in-game?

    Fionna is obviously still young, and there is a lot that she could use to temper herself. Being a cadet would mean that she has to actually be on a team with others, forge new relationships and start to grow. Learning new styles of defending herself would bring her a new sense of responsibilities and inner strength she needs. Most importantly, learning to be a little less rash and a bit more tempered would do wonders for her as a person.

    Anything else? If there is a Cake willing to be in the game, Fionna would be totes grateful! Not having the cat around will be Fionna’s first stumbling block. They’re pretty tight.

    Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.

    i) IC Questionnaire (can be found on the application page)
    (As this questionnaire is entirely IC, your character is free to lie.)
    What do you prefer to be known as? Fionna or Fi is fine!

    How old are you? Uh, about fifteen, I guess.

    Do you have any history in combat? Heck yeah! I’ve fought ogres and monsters and demons and witches and a bunch of other evil junk! Mostly with my fists!

    If so, have you ever killed? Yeah, probably, but they were all evil, so it had to be done.

    i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity? I’m all about getting things done, as soon as we can!

    ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities? What, like video games or something? I guess?

    iii) What role do you take when working in a group? I don’t really get to do that much, but if I gotta I’m usually the one doing all the heavy lifting or backup!

    iv) How talkative are you around other people? I talk plenty! Best way to get to know new people!

    v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning. Cake, because she’s my bestie! Then it’ be my backpack, because its where I keep my junk. And that new sword that Gumball made! It grants small wishes!

    vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people? If they’re good people, yeah!

    vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance? Dude, I never say die. That is how I roll.

    viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person? Uh. *looks up word* Y-yeah, definitely! Why just sit around and talking when you could be doing stuff?

    ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life? It’s not my thing usually, not unless we’re fighting, like, a really strong guy, an even then I’ll just go at him, you know?

    x) Do you like surprises? Good ones, yeah! Bad ones, not a whole lot.

    xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you? Uh, what? Why would there be anything wrong with me? Well, besides being the last human in Ooo, anyway.

    xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions? Sometimes, but they’re usually pretty smart and know what they’re doing.

    xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages? Cabbages? I dunno, they’re a vegetable, they’re ok I guess?

    fionna_time: (Adventure Time again)


    [personal profile] fionna_time 2013-03-11 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)

    The start of the show has Finn at twelve, but as the show is going on, Finn is aged up appropriately. Fionna's first appeareance is season three, where she is 14. If we were technically going by season she would be 16, as we are on season five, but I preferred to only age her up one year since there's no assurance of how much time passed.
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    Damian Wayne | DC Comics (pre-reboot) | not reserved

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    Name: Damian
    Journal: [personal profile] bratbeyond
    Contact: journal PM

    Character Name: Damian Al'Ghul Wayne / Robin
    Series: DC Comics
    Gender: Male
    Age & Canon Point: 10, after the old man Bruce Mr. Wayne comes back to life (How am I supposed to know what issue that is??)
    Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Cadet
    Requested Sponsor (if a Cadet): Bloodstone
    Specialization (if a SeeD or Instructor): N/A
    History: here!
    Garden History: Ahki came to Garden with Joker poison on him, and accidentally poisoned his twin brother. He fixed it, but was a total zift about it - and he accused his twin brother of dating his adoptive dad to boot. Ahki really doesn't have social skills.

    He made things worse for himself when he decided that he didn't like his twin - Bilal - and that Bilal was the "weaker" one even though Bilal had more friends and a social life and was way better at every video game known to mankind. Ahki never joined DiscComm, but he was a substitute leader when his twin brother got sick. Sometimes people thought Ahki was Bilal, so Ahki took over then too. He wasn't very good at it. But Ahki was good at Economics, so he started this business called Wayne Enterprises. He got it really successful, and started sponsoring people on missions for it.

    He also did a lot of other non-important stuff, like insulting everyone who ever came into contact with him, but that's to be expected, because again, Ahki really does not like people. If he hadn't been Compressed out, he would've turned into a crazy old cat man with his fifty million cats.

    Also if he were old enough, he would've graduated, but Garden is slagged and thinks kids can't handle themselves, so he had to stay. And start a business model that was more successful than Garden's. Not exactly sure where this "poor innocent kid" idea came from.

    Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: He's a crazy ninja kid who was trained from before he was born to be the very best like no one ever was. That kind of means he knows every martial art move ever, and he can predict moves based on people's body language. He also knows how to kill people 50 different ways (or so he claims).

    Since he's Batman's son, he also has access to a utility belt that's outdated, but it does the job okay. He can also build a Batmobile, new lens for Batman's cowl, and whatever tech stuff the Batcave needs at that moment.

    He's also crazy-smart, since he has a Ph.D. in Economics. You'd think someone that smart would be a good detective, but he really, really isn't.

    Personality: I pity Ahki. For all of his crazy ninja skills and smarts, he's emotionally stupid. He doesn't get that video games are fun, nor does he get that people actually like spending time with their friends. Tt, he especially doesn't understand why people want to help other people out. I think his sense of kindness is dead. When it comes to humans, at least - he likes cats a lot. He named one "Dusan," and he spent a lot of time, attention, and money on that one little kitty.

    I guess he's smart. He got "A's" in most of his classes, and he had a private tutor before he came to live with Mr. Wayne. He's just not people smart. For instance, he thought I his twin brother was dating my adoptive dad. Slag, how much of a zift can one guy be? I can get him not liking hugs. Or kisses. Or any kind of affection - I don't like it either. But how can someone hot understand that friends like high-fives? Or painting on each other's faces when we're asleep? You know, basic stuff.

    He's pretty knowledgeable about random stuff. He reads books that aren't meant for our age - worse than A Song of Ice and Fire. I think I saw him with the Art of War at least twice. He also speaks a ton of languages, and because he knows so much slag, he thinks he's better than everyone else. That might explain why he has no friends. He likes putting other people down, and he makes fun of people when he thinks they're not listening. (Spoilers: THEY ARE, YOU SLAGGING ZIFT!)

    Because of this, Ahki's a bigger twip than any little kid ever was. He thinks the entire world should bow down before him and his greatness and that's really not right. I guess he's changed some since coming to Garden, since he can't exactly survive on his ego, but he's nowhere near being a normal kid. I don't think he'll get there anytime soon. Garden's not helping, and he'll need people like Doctor Grayson and Mr. Pennyworth to make him normal. Without them, it'll take a lot, lot longer than anyone really wants it to be.

    What are your plans for the character in-game? To take back Wayne Enterprises! And I guess for him to make plans, if that's even possible.

    Anything else? Uncharted Racing was one of those rare video games that really, really didn't deserve a sequel.

    Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.
    ii) Prose sample (can be general or a response to the post's prompt).
    Damian stomped on the table. "I HATE THE WORLD," he yelled, stomping so hard that he almost broke it.

    No one understood why. He always hated the world. That wasn't going to change. People watched him yell and curse and stomp, but no one wanted to ask him why. That's because he was a mean jerk. No one likes mean jerks.

    After ten minutes, Instructor Bronson came over. "Why do you hate the world?"

    Damian stared at him. "They don't serve hot dogs anymore."

    He was so sad about the hot dogs that he'd gotten angry, and Instructor Bronson didn't know what to do. They didn't speak. It was quiet.

    Then Instructor Bronson said, "I guess I could make you hot dogs."

    Then Damian stopped stomping on the tables! He wasn't mad anymore, and everyone returned to class.

    iii) Bracket/Commentspam RP sample (can be general or a response to the post's prompt).
    [Damian's mad. They canceled Boxing class, and he really liked beating up his twin brother Bilal. But he couldn't beat him up if class was cancelled. He'd play video games with Bilal, but Bilal was better than him. Bilal would beat HIM up in a game. Uncharted Racing was the best, but Uncharted Racing 2 sucked. They got rid of Elena and made Chloe the only girl. Plus the cars sucked.

    They couldn't have a video game race if Bilal was better. Ahki hated it when people were better than him. So he would wait until class got un-canceled.

    Or he could see what Instructor Bronson was up to.

    So he headed to Instructor Bronson's office and quietly opened the door. Instructor Bronson's face was being eaten by Instructor Evans. Ahki quickly decided that he didn't want to go to class anymore. He closed the door and left for his room.

    People were slagging zifts. He couldn't beat Bilal up; his Instructor may not be alive tomorrow; and he really hated video games. The world clearly hated Ahki, and Ahki hated it back.]
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    Thatch| One Piece

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    Name: Sharon
    Journal: night_mare_chan (LJ)
    Contact: AIM: night mare chan Plurk: handsoplenty

    thatched: (Default)

    [personal profile] thatched 2013-06-14 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
    ff. My bad. Well he was there before Marco so 2009, so five years? His specialization is Intelligence annd he has a T/Th class schedule
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    Yosuke Hanamura | Persona 4 | not reserved

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    Ace D. Portgas | One Piece | Not reserved

    [personal profile] monkey_chan 2013-07-25 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
    Here's my app
    Edited 2013-07-25 22:39 (UTC)
    mera_mera_ace: (hey good lookin)

    Revision, Sample BBS post. Also posted with Ace's journal this time.

    [personal profile] mera_mera_ace 2013-08-05 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
    [Ace is really not used to this lifestyle. It’s been a few weeks and he still barely makes it out of his room before breakfast is over. He’s not used to following a strict code of rules and he’s especially not used to going to school. He’s never been to one before and has no idea what he’s supposed to do.

    Instead of asking people for help he just does what he wants. Ace skips his ‘not fun’ classes, namely all of them, and lounges in the grass outside of Garden. Staring up at the clouds, he finds himself thinking about home. He’s worried about Luffy, the rest of his brothers, and the friends left behind. He’s worried about what happened with Teach…is he still a Warlord? Did he claim anyone else Ace held dear? Did everyone make it out of the battle alive?

    Then on top of all of that, he’s dealing with the fact that three of his brothers are here in Garden too. Marco’s married? He’s got a kid? What the hell is up with that anyway? He had never seen Marco take it serious with anyone before.

    Namur genuinely seemed happy he was around but always seemed to be running from mission to mission. Then there’s Thatch. Thatch was--Thatch. Ace didn’t even want to think about it.

    When these thoughts become too much he grabs his T-Board and rides it through the halls, and the quad, and anywhere else he wants. Of course he gets in trouble for all of this but he really doesn’t seem to care. He just wants the freedom of feeling the wind in his hair. It reminds him of home. Reminds him of slicing through the waves on his skiff. A stab of longing fills Ace’s heart, but instead of dwelling on it, he turns to trying to drag others into his mischief.]

    Hey Garden! Anyone up for some fun today?